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 I am Corina, an Aboriginal mother, nature protector, artist, designer and campaigner.

 Amber Days is a Melbourne based ethical children’s wear label that is inspired by the Australian bush, desert and sea. Amber Days is made for mindful, adventurous, free spirited little ones, who are the next generation of change makers.

Amber Days was born out of my desire to follow my dreams and have financial freedom for me and my daughter without jeopardizing the importance of being a present mum, which is so valuable to me. I have always been passionate about the environment and people so when falling pregnant with my daughter, finding clothing that didn’t use harmful chemicals in their processes was really important to me.

After doing some research into the fashion industry and the toxins and practices used, I was pretty terrified. This really reinforced the importance of transparency in the fashion industry and buying from designers that use organic fabrics that have been dyed with non toxic dyes and produced ethically. The fast fashion industry needs to change and we need to support the ones making this change.

For this reason, we strive to not only create Amber Days with as minimal impact to the environment but also be a positive change to the fashion industry by supporting local and ethical manufacturers and fabric suppliers. We aim to use GOTS certified organic fabrics or otherwise strive to use the highest quality natural fabrics on the market.

With each collection, we collaborate with different Aboriginal artists to produce original, dreamy, fabrics. When outsourcing skills and services, we prioritise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, refugee and migrant women, because as we know, women are the leading forces behind healthy communities and society.

All garments are hand made here in Melbourne, so you know that the garment your buying is made to last and wear to its full potential. And what is more special than being able to pass down your favourite garment to your next child or generation to come especially when that garment holds onto so many beautiful memories.

At Amber Days we endeavor to continually improve our processes around sustainability and our environmental impact and continue to support women and slow fashion.


Here at Amber Days we aim to support women, prioritizing working with single mothers with a focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, refugee and migrant women.

Our reason behind this is to address the fact that even in 2018 while there is a lot of “talk” about equal work opportunities, this is not always the reality. Women still face multiple barriers to accessing paid work and even more so due to challenges like being a single mum or facing other systemic barriers.

This can make finding purposeful and sustainable paid work almost impossible. Many women have to then make choices between earning an income and caring for their child the way they choose to. 

Here at Amber Days we strongly believe that there needs to be big changes with the way employment is structured, so that caring for your child and paid work can co exist.

We also care a lot about our environmental impact and the ethics behind the production of our clothing. We want our customers to feel confident dressing their children in our clothing knowing that the environment and people have not been exploited in the process.

In our basics range we use GOTS certified organic cotton that is knitted in Melbourne. We also print our fabric using OEKO-TEX certified non toxic dyes in Melbourne. All the garments are hand sewn in Melbourne too! We believe it’s really important to reduce your carbon footprint so we strive to do everything as local as possible! 

This is only the start, we will endeavor to continually improve our processes around sustainability and our environmental impact as well continue to support women and slow fashion!




Yukul Art

Earth Mother

Lara Went, Worimi Mother and Artist behind Yukul Art.

This piece is designed to remind you or your little one to walk this earth in peace. Slow moving on the earth, like the turtle, enjoying the spirit of the water by day and by night. Adopt a peaceful connection with our earth mother.


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Amber Days Kids

Amber Days kids love to explore the bush, desert and sea. They are mindful, adventurous, free spirited little ones who are the next generation of change makers.


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