This collection is inspired by somewhere very, very special to me. Bundjalung Country in particular Tallow Beach and Broken Head. I have been travelling to the Rainbow Region twice a year since I was five years old and I have always been drawn to the Country up there. I was lucky enough to live there for a little while and it was such an incredible time in my life.  This collection was inspired by the incredible dusk colours that dance in the sky along Tallow Beach at dusk and the sparkling sun dancing on the blue, blue water at Broken Head. The Clay colour was inspired by the beautiful tumbling rocks that kiss the sand at Broken Head that then link with the ocean. These places held me through many times, broken hearts, full hearts and everything in between. I always feel held whenever I return to these waters and this collection is my way of attempting to share that magic and thank Country for everything and for holding me close always. Michelle Jackson..

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