Here at Amber Days we aim to support women, prioritizing working with single mothers with a focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, refugee and migrant women.

Our reason behind this is to address the fact that even in 2021 while there is a lot of “talk” about equal work opportunities, this is not always the reality. Women still face multiple barriers to accessing paid work and even more so due to challenges like being a single mum or facing other systemic barriers.

This can make finding purposeful and sustainable paid work almost impossible. Many women have to then make choices between earning an income and caring for their child the way they choose to. 

Here at Amber Days we strongly believe that there needs to be big changes with the way employment is structured, so that caring for your child and paid work can co exist.

We also care a lot about our environmental impact and the ethics behind the production of our clothing. We want our customers to feel confident dressing their children in our clothing knowing that the environment and people have not been exploited in the process.

All our garments are handmade in India under fairtrade conditions. We use 100% GOTS certified organic fabrics, printed using GOTS certified non-toxic dyes. We believe it’s really important to reduce your carbon footprint and minimise our impact to the environment.

This is only the start, we will endeavor to continually improve our processes around sustainability and our environmental impact as well continue to support women and slow fashion!