Wanala Women's

Wanala Women's


      Our Wanala Collection is a collaboration with the beautiful Arkie Barton.

      Wirirri- Artwork by Arkie Barton

      Wirirri meaning flower in Kalkadungu language, bright bursts of colour showing beautiful floral energy and shapes in a contemporary way. Flowers coming from water and sun. This print is a beautiful representation of the colours of spring and the flowers that line the ground when the weather warms up

      Kuu Dreaming- Artwork by Arkie Barton

      Kuu means water in my language (Arkie, Kalkadungu)

      The organic shapes and blue colours represent the essential life force of water that flows through our land and between each other.

      With calming effects of the blue there is still much movement and energy in the artwork.