Baby Totems and Bush Tucker

Baby Totems and Bush Tucker


      Artist Story

      Amber Days and Kinya Lerrk all having experience growing up in the 70’s/80’s/90’s reflected on their childhoods dressed in corduroy and spending their time on country.

      Corina shared the story of her Grandparents as botanists who taught her the love of land and plants/flowers, Megan has childhood reflections of spending hours in trees and reflecting on the beauty of the tree and winning an art competition of native plants.

       Emma reflected on the stories of her Nan talking about her totems and the importance and connection to them. This range is about sharing these stories and journeys with the next generations and celebrating our rich cultural connection to land, stories and our Elders and Ancestors who passed this down.

      This collection is made out of Organic Cotton and dyed using eco friendly dyes

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